Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rafael Cruz: Gay Marriage = Slavery

Rafael Cruz, father of Ted, continues his national How to Embarrass My Son Tour by declaring that if the Supreme Court upholds the right of gay couples to get married, it will be the death of religious liberty and — get this — will mean that we’re all slaves.

The gay marriage case at the Supreme Court, he claimed, “is not about homosexual marriage, it’s about religious freedom. Because if the Court rules that homosexual marriage is a right, mark my words, the next thing will be going to a church and saying ‘you must perform homosexual marriage, or we’ll put you in jail’ or ‘you must hire a homosexual pastor, or we’ll put you in jail.’”

Cruz added that marriage isn’t necessary for gay and lesbian couples since civil unions — which his son has fought against — are legal in a number of places.

This attack on religion, concluded Cruz, is an attack on the liberty of conservative Christians and “of course, if you don’t have liberty, you’re a slave and if you’re a slave, you can’t pursue happiness.”

Wait, I thought Obamacare was the worst thing since slavery, not gay marriage. I can’t keep up with all this ridiculous rhetoric.

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